Q1. How long do I have?

The milestone rewards campaign will end 30 April 2019, so get as many referrals as you can before then.

Q2. How do I redeem my rewards?

All rewards are redeemed only when you pre-order our baby socks on Indiegogo.

Q3. How much will the baby socks be on Indiegogo?

The baby socks will cost £8 with super early bird discount, but make sure you're fast as there is only a limited time to grab this.

Q4. When willl I receive my rewards?

You'll receive your adult socks after you sucessfully pre-order with us on Indiegogo. You will receive your baby socks 2 months after the Indiegogo campaign finishes, giving us time to manufacture them post Indiegogo campaign.

Q5. Delivery costs on Indiegogo?

£1.5 from the UK - £4 from EU or International

This is only for the baby socks you pre-order on Indiegogo. Your rewards will be sent out to you for free.

Q6. Can I just use all of my own email addresses?

No, you can only enter the competition once. We can see when two email addresses have been registered from the same IP address and you will be penalised for doing so.

Yes, you get credit for all real email addresses who use your referral code, no matter where they are from. Please note, you cannot use more than one personal email account.

Q8. Can you please tell me about the Indonesia trip?

Details yet to be confirmed, but the trip will most likely take place in 2020. Founder Dom Desmond has been many times to monitor the orangutan, scout of new areas of rainforest to protect and plant trees, so you will be joining him on this very exciting mission.

Q9. What will happen if I use fake email accounts?

We are very strict on the use of fake or made up email accounts. If we find that any user has been inputting any fake emails into the campaign, we will unfortunatley have to terminate their involvement. Please also note that using multiple emails linked to yourself is also banned and the user will again be terminated from the campaign.


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